March Monthly Vanadium News

Boosting the Energy Transition with Vanadium

As we step into another month, it’s my pleasure to share with you the remarkable advancements being made in the vanadium industry. The latest developments highlight the growing relevance of vanadium in modern energy solutions and our strategic positioning within this burgeoning market.

In a significant move to capitalize on the expanding North American market for vanadium flow batteries, Largo Inc. (LGO:NASDAQ, LGO:TSX) announced a proposed joint venture with Stryten Energy. This collaboration aims to bring unprecedented innovation and scale to the production and deployment of vanadium flow batteries in NorthAmerica, underscoring our commitment to enhancing energy storage solution across the continent.

Globally, the shift towards sustainable energy storage solutions is gaining momentum, as illustrated by Endesa's official announcement of Largo’s 1.1-MW / 5.5MWh vanadium flow battery deployment at a Mallorca solar farm. This installation now represents one of the largest vanadium flow battery in Europe.

China's energy sector witnessed a groundbreaking moment with the signing of the largest vanadium flow battery project to date – a 100MW/800MWh independent shared energy storage power station. This project alone is estimated to increase global vanadium demand by approximately 3%. This monumental achievement not only demonstrates the scalability of vanadium battery technology, but also its pivotal role in stabilizing and supporting the grid in large-scale renewable energy applications.

On the innovation front, Standard Energy’s unveiling of a vanadium-ion battery boasting a mere 1% degradation rate represents a significant leap forward in battery technology, offering a glimpse into the future of long-lasting, efficient energy storage solutions

As the global demand for high-purity vanadium continues to rise, Australian Vanadium's production of battery-ready high-purity vanadium electrolyte marks a critical milestone in meeting this demand, reinforcing the strategic importance of vanadium in the clean energy transition.

Moreover, the ongoing construction of vanadium flow battery energy storage industrial parks and production bases in China underscores the significant investment and confidence in vanadium’s role in future energy systems.

In an intriguing development beyond the energy sector, scientists at Oregon State University have discovered a metal capable of removing carbon dioxide from the air. While not directly related to our core business, this discovery highlights the broader potential of metals, including vanadium, in addressing global challenges.

Lastly, the vanadium sector is witnessing unprecedented growth and innovation, driven by the urgent need for sustainable energy storage solutions. At LPV, we are excited about the opportunities these developments present. Our involvement in these advancements is expected to position us as a key player in the energy transition as well as align with our mission to deliver long-term value to our investors and contribute positively to our planet's future.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our vision. Together, we are not just witnessing history; we are shaping it.

Largo Physical Vanadium Update – March 2024¹

LPV’s (VAND:TSXV,VANAF:OTCQX) net assets are over 90% held in physical vanadium products. LPV’s net asset value (“NAV”) is now at C$1.58/share, implying that our closing share price as of March 31, 2024, was trading at a 30.4% discount.

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¹ Key Metrics (as of March 2024 closing)

² LPV’s marked to market average vanadium price blending various products and geographies